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FALCOM Holding Company (the “Group”), is a Saudi closed joint-stock company, incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia dated 10 Jumada al-Thani 1438H (corresponding to March 9, 2017) in Riyadh and was established to focus on maximizing the effectiveness of the shareholder's investments.

Our Vision

  • Manage its subsidiaries or participation in the management of other companies in which it contributes and provide the necessary support for them and the ownership of industrial property rights of patents, trademarks and industrial and the rights of the franchise and other moral rights and exploitation and lease to its subsidiaries or others.

Our Companies

Yaqeen Capital

Yaqeen Capital is a pioneer in providing top of the line platforms and intelligent solutions for the intelligent investor, both individual and corporate, under the supervision of the CMA.

Nayifat Finance Company

Nayifat aims to support its clients with a variety of Sharia-compliant financing solutions to fit every need, following the Law of Finance Companies, under the supervision of SAMA.

Al Amthal Financing Company

Al Amthal Financing Company principally provides the leasing and financing of dealer equipment and vehicles, following the Law of Finance Companies, under the supervision of SAMA.

FAL Industrial City

FALCOM Holding invests in FAL Industrial City, which is one of the biggest industrial cities in the region, with a total area of 18.7 million square meters.


Board of Directors

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Our Investments

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Yaqeen Capital

Owning 100%

Yaqeen Capital a Closed Joint Stock Company, incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was formed pursuant to the ministerial resolution No. 2631 dated 10 Ramadan 1427H (corresponding to October 3, 2006). The Company operates under Commercial Registration No. 1010226584, dated 4 Dhu Al Hijjah 1427H (corresponding to December 25, 2006) in Riyadh. Yaqeen Capital's main operations include brokerage services, investment advisory, and asset management.

Nayifat Finance Company (“NFC”)

Owning 48%

NFC was registered as a Closed Joint Stock Company under Commercial Registration (“CR”) Number 1010176451 issued in Riyadh on 9 Jumad Thani 1431H (corresponding to May 23, 2010). In accordance with the Law of Supervision of Finance Companies, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) granted Nayifat a license to operate as a financing company. NFC's main operations include financing lease, small and medium-sized enterprises financing, consumer financing, and credit card financing.

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Al Amthal Financing Company

Owning 45.55%

Al Amthal Financing Company (the "Company") is a Saudi closed joint-stock company registered in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under commercial registration No. 1010160349 dated Rabi Al-Thani 28, 1421H (corresponding to July 30, 2000). The Company has branches in Jeddah, Khobar and Abha. The results, assets, and liabilities of these branches are included in these condensed interim financial statements. The registered office of the Company is located in Riyadh at the following address: Al Amthal Financing Company P.O. Box 300827, Riyadh 11372 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

FAL Industrial City
Owning 37.5%

FAL Industrial City is a Saudi limited liability company, registered in Riyadh under commercial registration number 1010293818 dated Ramadan 14, 1431H (corresponding to August 24, 2011). The main activity of the Company is to establish, develop and own real estates, except in Mecca and Almadina Almunawara, and road works, operating and maintenance of public utilities and sewage networks, lighting works, telecommunications networks, subway works, excavations, and the works of cement, steel, carpentry, paint, tile, and stone.

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